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Ambassador NameLocationCommentsDate Entered
Ambassador NameLocationCommentsDate Entered
Steve Elliot Tulsa, OK Steve has been playing three years and even has a lighted PB court (and ball machine) in his yard. About six months ago, he began teaching ten interested members of his Lilly team one night a week. Often, he invites friends over to learn and play the game. Steve hopes to continue to promote PB in the Jenks and Tulsa area by hosting clinics at his house. His wife and two sons share his passion for PB. They have conduced several demos. December 1, 2016 
Donnie Gibson Arlington, TX Donnie has been playing about 2 ½ years and wants to provide workshops/training sessions to help in safety and making the game more exciting for those that play and those that do not. He wants to promote team play from different areas and wishes to be successful in looking for venues to have tournaments in his area. December 1, 2016 
Carla Norris-Hopkins Little Elm, TX She has helped, along with some others, to persuade the local Rec Center Activity Director to increase days to play from once a week to three days. She was also helpful in gaining more courts, as well as adding the Little Elm venue to Places to Play. December 1, 2016 
David Leseter Russellville, AR David has been playing about 3 years. He has led demos at a local gym, in a church gym in nearby Danville, AR, and in his hanger. Yes, he has an airplane. David has also conducted demos at AR Tech Univ., and at the Danville CC. He is scheduled to teach a PB class at AR Tech next semester. He has participated in many tournaments, usually flying his plane to an airport near the tournament venue.  November 1, 2016 
Bobby Howard Tyler, TX Bobby has been involved with PB for 4 years. He learned about PB in CO, and got the game started in the community in which he lived. He also conducted demos in four other CO communities. He has been hard at work getting PB started in Tyler since moving there. November 1, 2016 
June Tehan Dallas, TX June has been playing about 3 ½ years. She is a volunteer Pickleball committee person at the Fretz Park Rec Center in Dallas and as well as a newsletter correspondent for area players. She has helped conduct a demo at Fretz and wants to teach others and share her passion and love for PB.  November 1, 2016 
Brien Galon San Antonio, TX Brien is currently a tennis instructor for the Northside Independent School District. He has already successfully participated in several PB tournaments. He wants to incorporate PB at or during some of the tennis camps he conducts. Brien also hopes to build PB at schools in his area. Although he began playing tennis at age 3, he has now been playing PB for three or four years. October 1, 2016 
Bob & Irene Romagosa  Denton, TX I have known Bob and Irene for several years and am tickled they completed an ambassador application. They both have vast knowledge of the game, play in many tournaments, and are very personable people. They help players improve their game by offering ideas for improvement and/or determining what drills would work to improve that persons skill. They also want others to learn that going to tournaments is not just about winning, but is about enjoying life and building long term relationships. October 1, 2016 
Helen Jordan Brenham, TX She hosted a meeting for potential PB players and eight showed up. That number has since grown to 20+. She also helped her good friend (Vicki Bruce) with the demo clinic that Theresa conducted. They have also ‘goaded’ the Rec Dept to line six PB courts on three underused tennis courts. These two ladies have a lot of the same goals and I think they are well on their way to seeing an explosion of PB in the Brenham area. October 1, 2016 
Vicki Bruce Brenham, TX Vicki arranged for College Station ambassador Theresa Connaughton to come to Brenham and facilitate an informational meeting followed by a skills clinic for about a dozen women who were interested in learning about PB. She helped to demo various skills and drills at this event as well. She really wants to get the word out to the citizens of the Brenham area. Her husband is a former coach and has helped him put on many tennis tournaments.  October 1, 2016 
Tim Sebesta Fort Worth, TX He has taught PB on the college level and really hopes to grow pickleball in the 18-30 age group through intramural programs and/or tournaments. Another interesting thing is that Tim’s Master thesis was titled (I’m paraphrasing) The Creation, Application, and Validation of a Pickleball Service Test. The basic result was that the lower serves tended to score better in his test that higher, loopier ones. September 1, 2016 
Mary Hodge Richardson, TX Mary has been working with David Wilmot and Amy with the White Rock ‘Y’ as well. She has been playing about a year and has served as an instructor for PB during that time to children and adults. Mary has conducted or helped with demos at numerous venues in Richardson, Dallas, and Plano. She and David taught some home-schooled students PB and hope to continue and build that relationship. September 1, 2016 
Amy Alexander Dallas, TX Amy has been working with fellow ambassador David Wilmot in getting PB added to the White Rock ‘Y’. She also hopes to assist with a demo at the upcoming TX State Fair. September 1, 2016 
Ricardo Molina Houston, TX Ricardo is returning as an ambassador in the Houston area after a two- year break. He has conducted many clinics/demos and has started PB in several venues in Houston. Although he has helped a couple schools get PB started, he wants to get many public schools involved with our sport.  August 1, 2016 
Barb Patterson Georgetown, TX Barb lives in Georgetown, TX and has been playing over three years. She has helped with teaching beginning players the game both in the Sun City (Georgetown area) as well as at the local Y in Portage, MI before she relocated to TX. Barb has served as a ref for many tournaments and also served for two years as the registration chairman for the PB Fever tournament in Kalamazoo, MI.  August 1, 2016 
Joe Gilmore Franklin, TN Joe has been playing several years and as many of you may know, is, and has been, the primary promoter, sponsor, and director of the Pickleball Nashville Tournament for four years. He has conducted clinics in various areas around the Nashville area and helped develop PB in Smyrna, TN. Joe has also conducted demos in numerous venues in Franklin, and the Nashville area including Smyrna and Murfreesboro among others.  July 1, 2016 
John Jessen Stillwater, OK John Jessen has been playing a little over a year and was bitten by the PB bug the first day he played. He wants to be the point man for info about PB to the players in his area, with high hopes of recruiting additional players. He has plans to contact the local tennis club as well. John wants to continue building relationships with players from surrounding areas as they compete with them on a home/away basis. June 1, 2016 
Paul & Kathy Hamilton Victoria, TX Paul and Kathy have been playing about a year and a half. Kathy was gradually given duties of keeping up the membership list, money collecting, etc. by Mo Armstrong prior to Mo’s passing. Kathy has encouraged two different small groups of players to combine and they now have PB three times a week. Both Kathy and Paul want to keep the group growing and active. Victoria College will be offering ‘Court Games’ for the first time this year, and PB will be a part of the curriculum. This class was inspired by Kathy and Paul in their quest to help grow the game as students at the college have joined and are playing with the group.  June 1, 2016 
John Dalri Grapevine, TX John Dalri is considered the ‘person in charge’ of players at the Grapevine Rec and as such, has taught many new players about the game and its rules. He already has a list of players including contact info so that he can communicate with them as needed. John is a member of the Grapevine Parks & Rec Advisory Bd and works as a go-between for the players and staff of the REC. He is a long time member of the Brookhaven CC in Farmers Branch and has told the Director of Racquet Sports that he will be willing to help get PB off the ground there. June 1, 2016 
May Courtion Bryan, TX May is a former high school and college tennis player who found PB about nine months ago. She has helped the other area ambassadors promote and encourage other individuals to learn the game. She has instructed new players regarding the rules and helps her local club with equipment setup, etc. This bundle of energy has a number of contacts in the community and wants others to find out how much fun and challenging the game is for all ages. June 1, 2016 
Kimo Hansen Livingston, TX Kimo has not been playing long, but has definitely caught the bug. He is a longtime racquetball player, and certainly sees the value of PB. He envisions teaching and promoting at all levels, while also working to increase membership as he travels about the country as a full time RVer.  May 1, 2016 
Patrick Wilmot Richardson, TX Patrick is a 4.0 player who has led about ten demos in the DFW area, almost all of them were at different venues. He has seen growth at a vast majority of those. He is planning on being a lead instructor of pB at the City of Richardson youth program this summer. In Richardson, PB is offered three times a week and Patrick works as a volunteer PB instructor at two of those. May 1, 2016 
Daisey Thom Metaire, LA Daisy has actually been playing PB for 14 years and has been the contact person for New Orleans area PB for about 5 years. Her work as a nurse has not allowed her to spend the hours with PB that she desires, but one must still pay the bills. She has assisted me with two clinics in the New Orleans area and has held a demo at a local Parks & Rec gym, who are now considering converting one of their tennis courts into PB courts.  May 1, 2016 
Tom Linenberger Biloxi, MS Tom’s wife, Deonne, was announced in last month’s newsletter, and Tom was inadvertently omitted. They work very closely together and have been extremely successful in growing PB along the Biloxi, MS coast. They are also active in helping with this years MS SOG PB tournament. March 1, 2016 
Johnny Miller Bryan, TX Johnny has also worked in the area of education. Not only has Johnny been a successful attorney, he has taught various classes in several different law schools. He has worked demos/clinics in Bryan, and other venues in TX as well as RV parks in Durango, CO. He has helped conduct a successful PB tournament at TX A&M, in which the students of fellow ambassador Jinmoo Heo (at A&M) do everything remotely connected to conducting a tournament, from advertising, registering, setting up courts, brackets, posting, etc.  March 1, 2016 
Pat Heurtin St Francisville, LA Pat is a retired educator, but is still ‘educatin’ those who want to learn about PB. She has hosted at least two clinics, and recently reached out to neighboring towns to involve them in a combined ‘pot luck’ and PB meet and greet. She even had a local newspaper person attend the last clinic as he took pictures and wrote a short article. Pat is now working on the mayor to have a PB Day for St. Francisville.  March 1, 2016 
Don Stanley  LaVergne, TN He has been playing about a year and loves helping train and teach others about PB. Don has helped with demos for various church and school personnel. He has a deep respect and love for the game of PB, and wants to be a vital part of its growth. February 1, 2016 
Joe Morris  Mercedes, TX  He has been playing about three years and has participated in competitions in at least four states. Joe is largely responsible for beginning PB at Llano Grande Resort beginning with four players on a taped off tennis court to the point that there are now 45 active players playing on four dedicated courts with plans to add four more. He has also coordinated several tournaments for local and regional clubs.  February 1, 2016 
Deonne Linenberger Biloxi, MS She has been playing about a year and started a senior citizens PB program in Biloxi last year. The program has grown from no courts to 3 indoor and 2 outside with play three mornings and one evening a week. Deonne teaches new players in both Biloxi and Gulfport. She is working to get two tennis courts remade into four PB courts. February 1, 2016 
Rich Karakis Knoxville, TN He was a PB instructor/demonstrator at Camp Tellico in Loudon, TN. He provided PB introduction & demos to Lenoir City Middle School and arranged two additional clinics at Tellico Village. Rich also worked with members of the Oak Ridge, TN park district to begin a PB program. Finally, Rich directed both the Spring Fling and the Fall Shootout at Tellico Village. February 1, 2016 
Gary Penn Athens, TX  He has been playing about three years and moved to Athens in August of last year and within a month, had organized a clinic and is now the ‘go to’ person for play at the Cain Rec Center. One of his goals is to work with the local junior college to introduce PB there. February 1, 2016 
Howard Bard Baton Rouge, LA Howard has been playing about three years. He and fellow ambassador Dale Smith conducted the first tournament at PARDS in Denham springs, LA. It was well organized and ran smoothly with 85 participants. I can tell you that Howard really loves the game of PB. He is a tireless worker to get things ‘right’. January 1, 2016 
Dan Ellsworth Russellville, AR  Dan is the finance officer for the USAPA Board. He has been playing for 7 years and is an accomplished 4.5 player. He has helped various groups to gain grants through the USAPA Grant Program, assisted with demos at parks, fitness centers, and parks. He has helped promote local annual tournaments at the local university. Dan wants to continue to seek grants to help his local PB club. I am tickled that Dan has joined our ‘ambassador family’ of the Mid-South. January 1, 2016 
Hector Sambria Cave Springs, AR He has been playing about two years and has been working with beginners with helpful instruction. He would like to expand player experiences by being able to offer other venues, which, in turn, would provide opportunities to meet new players through PB January 1, 2016 
Danielle Charvoz  Friendswood, TX Danielle has been playing about 1 ½ years and has received mentoring from fellow ambassador Brian Worrell as they develop the Clear Lake Rec Center PB program. She has assisted with Welcome to PB clinics- beginner to intermediate levels. She regularly introduces brand new players to the game. January 1, 2016 
Jamie Elliott Fairview, TX Jamie is a multi-talented individual who plays PB in Angel Fire NM and McKinney, TX. She has been playing about 4 years and has assisted with a clinic in Angel Fire. Jamie is a former Flight Attendant, has done some commercials, is a certified medical assistant, not to mention being a stuntwoman. January 1, 2016 
Angela Luhman Flower Mound, TX She has been playing 7-8 years. She has played and refereed numerous tournaments ranging from ‘fun’ to Mid-South Regional to National tournaments. She has helped with clinics, demos, and special PB events. I believe I have known her for most of her PB career, and am glad to have her aboard. January 1, 2016 
Lissa Miller Kerrville, TX Although Lissa has played less than six months, (she learned the game in Pogasa Springs) she has started PB at Buckhorn Lake Resort by teaching the guests and residents. They have four permanent courts with one temporary available indoors. November 1, 2015 
David Stefan Bryant, AR David has been playing about half a year. He is planning demonstrations in the coming weeks to promote PB at a local facility where PB has been tried once, but didn’t take hold. He believes (and rightly so) that if he can get a core group of players playing, things will bloom from there. October 1, 2015 
Joey & Pam McGill Laural, MS Joey and his wife, Pam, have been playing about a year. They have taught PB to members of their church, at the church. October 1, 2015 
Peter Wilson The Colony, TX Peter has been playing about a year. He has been asked by fellow ambassador and District Ambassador to help with an upcoming demo. He wants to follow that up with his own demo in nearby Addison, TX. September 1, 2015 
Gordon Irwin Copperas Cove, TX Gordon has recently learned about our favorite game. He already has a meeting with the local Parks and Recreation Director to talk about adding courts in the Civic Center. He is also interested in approaching the local college re suing their facilities for PB. September 1, 2015 
Justin Winton College Station, TX Justin is an Assistant Tennis Professional at a local Country Club. Although tennis is his primary sport to teach, he now feels prepared to take the next step and develop a strong teaching program for PB at the club. September 1, 2015 
Carol Call Lubbock, Tx Carol has been playing about 8 years and has helped with two demos in Lubbock. She stepped up to take the place of former ambassador, Pamela Moon, who moved out of our region. She has already printed up fliers to hand out during her daily walks through a nearby park. She has been given permission to display some in a couple businesses. September 1, 2015 
Paul Messina Boerne, TX He has been playing about a year, has helped with demos, and has been a ref. He was a recent participant in the NSGA national tournament in MN. Paul would like to expand the player pool in Boerne as well as introduce PB in a nearby town or two. August 1, 2015 
Gayle Gleeson  Floresville, TX Gayle has conducted a PB introduction to new players in the Floresville area. She wants to ‘hit’ other small towns in the area as well. She is targeting not only seniors but, families and children, too. August 1, 2015 
Jinmoo Heo Bryan, TX Jinmoo has been playing about a year, but has helped with organizing and conducting PB tournaments including the Brazos Valley SOG. He also assisted with PB events of the Indiana SOG for 4-5 years. July 1, 2015 
Nenette McHenry McAllen, TX Nenette has been playing 3-5 times a week for about a year. She has given individual instruction to about ten players and has assisted with group/skills development lessons. July 1, 2015 
John Bruneau  Tuscola, TX John has been playing two or three years with a group of 9 or 10 participants. He is planning on hitting the local ‘Y’ as a possible venue in Abilene. He has shadowed as a ref and was a linesman in a medal match, which he thought was quite exciting. July 1, 2015 
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