Biopage-Ed Beyster

Ambassador Ed Beyster, San Antonio, TX

My name is Ed Beyster.  My wife Beverly and I been playing pickleball for 4 years. We first saw this sport being played when we were visiting Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.  After watching four people play we asked what this game was and they said Pickleball.  Well, being an owner of a tennis center in San Antonio, TX. I came back and researched pickleball and put in one court.

  After playing a few times I entered the San Antonio Senior Games and won the Gold medal in Men's 60's Singles.  That same year I went to the Texas State Senior Games in Temple and   won a Gold medal in singles.

 Being a USPTA member for 39 years and playing many tennis tournaments I fell in love with the game of pickleball.  Bev and I joined the USAPA in September 2008 and decided we wanted to promote the game more so we became Ambassadors for San Antonio.

 Our club expanded so much with players we started looking for additional places to play.  We got pickleball started at Lou Hamilton Recreation Center, YMCA in Schertz, Walzem YMCA in San Antonio and the Air Force Villages which is a military retirement home on the west side of San Antonio..

I have helped to get pickleball in Kona, Hawaii and other places around the United States when people would visit us in San Antonio they would take the game back where they were from and get pickleball started.

 Bev and I have gone to Kerrville a few times and they are now playing in the new KROC Center with Ambassadors Floyd and Sharon Walling and Halsey Bascom.

Ed and Bev at Costco

  Also talking to Davis-Scott YMCA, Boerne YMCA, Kronkosky Place in Boerne, San Antonio YWCA, YMCA in Corpus Christi, YWCA in Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi Country Club and the City of Floresville who just built a large convention center and gym.  The Floresville Convention Center is so large that I would like to see a Mid South Tournament held there in the future.

 On Sunday May 22nd Bev and I set up a booth at Costco for the Children’s Miracle Network for 6 hours advertising pickleball. We had paddles, balls, bags, shirts and a DVD playing the whole time.  Had a great response and met people that had played and people that were very interested in playing.  We did this without a court.

 Bev and I have four ambassadors helping us in San Antonio.  They are Tim Horan, Sue Alexander and Chesney Hunter who are trying to get pickleball into the schools and Jim Kuehl helping with the west side of San Antonio.

 I have played in the National Pickleball Tournament in Buckeye, AZ the past two years and the competition is very tough.  I have run the San Antonio Senior Games for pickleball the last three years and ran a compass tournament where each doubles team got to play a minimum of 3 matches.

I have won gold in the Texas State Senior games in Men's Single and Mixed Doubles in College Station in 2011, won gold in the Arkansas State Senior Games in Men's Singles and Men's Doubles in 2010 and got the Bronze in the Florida State Senior Games in 2010 in Men's Singles and Men’s Doubles. 

I do not play tennis anymore because of a shoulder injury but in pickleball it does not hurt.  I love this game and have met some of the most amazing people in all my travels.  If you are ever in San Antonio and want to play or are interested in getting pickleball started in your area, I like to travel and help, please give me a call at 210-326-6780.